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Helping you reach new limits.

We know that lawyers can sometimes be a barrier to your business' success. That's why, at Hammer & Co., execution is key. We are acutely aware of your business needs and focus our efforts on your continued success.

We also deeply understand your industry. As tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, we are as passionate about new and exciting technologies as you are and possess a deep understanding of the complex worlds of blockchain and other emerging technology sectors, including their economics and evolving regulatory regimes. 

We're more than just your lawyers. We are your partners, your business consultants, your strategists, and your friends.

We provide a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs and investors.

Seriously. Whatever your business dealings are. Whatever stage you are at. Whatever part you are playing within the deal structure (founder, employee, consultant, finder, contractor, investor). Whatever it is, whoever you are...we can help.

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